Making Cartoons

I work through the medium of animation to explore conventional and unconventional methods of comedic storytelling. 

My forte is in character animation.  Using Flash as a default template, I try to convey expressive and meaningful characterization into my work.

Untitled-Artwork (3).png


I am self-taught as an illustrator and have always gravitated toward the stylization of various traditional western cartoons.  The freedom this template offered me encouraged me to experiment with my form and structure while slowly building up a foundation of technique.  As I've continued to develop as an artist, I've found ways to elevate the complexity of my designs to fully utilize the style as a vehicle for creativity rather than a mere shortcut.



My primary inspiration for animation comes from the hand-drawn aesthetic of classic Warner Bros shorts.  The liberal use of squash and stretch and emphasis on comic timing is something I highly value and respect.  As I've gotten older and continued to expand my repertoire, I've become entranced by the works of independent online artists, such as Felix Colgrave and the duo Lindsay and Alex Small-Butera for their unique and explorational approach to bringing life into their work.  I hope to discover new ways of thinking about my medium as I continue to establish and refine my own style.