My name is Sam, and I'm an apsiring animator currently building my portfolio and expertise through an MFA in Visual Arts at Lesley University.  I've been doodling fanastical creatures and unseemly characters since I was a little boy in Michigan, and I still haven't managed to stop myself.

I'm using this website as a central hub for me to put up my portfolio pieces and just any scribblings or scrawlings I make in my free time.  I'll also be posting weekly blogs about my current work in accordance with the expectations of my program.   Maybe you see something you like, maybe you smile for once.  I mean come on sourpuss, really.

I'll be posting these pictures and more things regularly to my twitter @samlinstrom linked below.

Also I upload the cartoons I've made to my youtube channel, also linked below.  Check em out!

And since we're on a role, if you're interested in contacting me, the email for my youtube account is also listed below.  If you like my stuff and would like to request some kind of commission, I'd be happy to talk with you about it.  Happy travels.