Sam Linstrom?

My name’s Sam. I make cartoons, both through illustration and animation, and I like to help people laugh and smile.



I grew up in a little town in Michigan, went to Kalamazoo College for a degree in Psychology, then moved out to Boston to work for a couple years in Americorps. After serving some time there, I entered the MFA in Visual Arts program at Lesley University with a focus on animation.

I’ve been drawing all my life, making up stories and characters and developing my style, but I didn’t think to pursue it as an actual career until I was already partway through my first degree. Since then I’ve been working on developing my own skills in visual arts, but also establish the voice I want to carry as I create content.

I have a particular affinity for the sensibilities of traditional golden age animation, though most of my work is done digitally (primarily through Animate and Procreate), and I believe that there’s a lot that can be said through the lens of simple accessible storytelling which animation excels at.