I’m open for Business

Hello! I’m Sam Linstrom, and I’m a working artist. I primarily work digitally, and much of my work is cartoony in nature, though I have a wider palette of potential styles under my belt.

Thanks for commissioning me! I’m ready willing and able to meet your request and make that thing you want into a thing you have. Below are the basics of what the commission process will look like. If all you want is a funny nonsense creature and you’re willing to take whatever I come up with, not all of these details will be as important, and I’ll include the basics in my initial response. You can either shoot me a DM on twitter, or send me an email at

The prices above are for individual unique pictures. If you’re looking for something and you’re not sure if it fits into the descriptions above, include that in your request and we can figure out how to determine the price. Resolution and dimensions will default to 1920x1080, but each piece can be made at any custom size according to what it is you’re looking for (banners, profile pictures, the works).

If you’re interested in commissioning a piece, include in your message a description of what it is you’d like me to draw. Don’t forget to include any details that would be relevant to you (specific visual details, style, posing etc.). If you’re looking for something very specific like a portrait of an existing person or intellectual property, it would help to send along a sample image that I can either work off of, or use as context.

I’ll respond as soon as I can and give you a basic time frame and a summary of my understanding of the request. Depending on the nature of the commission and external forces the turnaround time may vary. I may also send a quick sketch to see if I’m on the right track with what you’re looking for. If there are still details you’d like to include or changes you’d like to make after that correspondence, let me know as soon as possible and I’ll make the necessary adjustments. If, after a significant portion of the project is already finished, you request a large change that will require reworking the existing product, I may need to charge for the additional work time that would require.

Payment can either be done upon the initial confirmation of the commission or just before receiving the finished product. If it’s the latter, I’ll send you a photo sample of the final picture to ensure it’s something you’ll be satisfied with. After the payment is complete, I’ll send you the final version in whatever resolution has been agreed upon.

I can accept payment through Venmo (@Samuel-Linstrom). Once the transaction is complete, the piece is yours to do with as you will. I may include it in my portfolio or as a sample to inform other potential commissioners, but I will not offer the finished piece to anyone else, it is exclusively yours. If you’re planning to use the image on social media or other public displays, I’d request you cite credit to me for the illustration somewhere in the description or with a post. I would also appreciate a shoutout for the work, and a recommendation of my commissions to people you know, but that’s entirely up to you.

If you’re interested in long-form projects or some form of collaboration we can talk and negotiate the specifics over email or other means. In addition to digital illustration, I also create animations, some of which are featured on this site. Send me a message and we can figure all that out together.