Blog 10

It has been a month, not a week.  That's a bad habit of mine, I haven't been updating this blog weekly like I'm supposed to.  And unfortunately this hasn't been the most productive month in terms of my work.  I've had to take more shifts at my job, and it's been getting much busier there, so I've been less inclined to get animation work done after coming home.  

I've been continuing to fill in animation throughout the dinosaur video and updated the light commission project sending in a final version to the client.  Most of what's remaining with the former is the lip syncing which will take some time but requires only some simple drawings and playing around with the frames, and the backgrounds which is an aspect I'm much less comfortable or familiar with.  Still, I have an idea of what I want everything to look like, it's just a matter of biting the bullet and jumping in once the animation is finished.  I shouldn't have any problem getting this project done by January, but it will still take some time.  

I have a solid idea for what I want to do for my next big project.  I was inspired from a few different places to make a cartoon about an adventurer traversing a labyrinth and avoiding the snapping jaws of a hydra.  The arc of the story would follow the adventurer gaining and losing ground in their fight with the monster and their search for the center of the maze where a treasure is rumored to be hidden.  When they finally make it there, its revealed that the hydra is standing over the treasure.  Each hydra head emits a dissonant tone whenever they see the person, and when they reaches the center, all four heads come together and the resulting chord is harsh and upsetting.  Just as the adventurer braces for their doom, the tones shift creating a major chord, and the hydra heads proceed to jump into a barbershop quartet version of 'I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire' originally by the Ink Spots.  The tone of the scene changes and the adventurer sees that the hydra is offering them the treasure.  When they open the chest, a band poster for the hydras is all they find.  They smile weakly and make their way out as the hydras continue to sing.  

I might replace the band poster with a 'spare change' sign or something like that.  I don't know, the basic idea though is to create a series of dynamic action sequences that escalate into an anticlimax, allowing me to practice and produce a different type of work then the squash and stretch comedic animation I'm more used to.  I brought it up with my advisor and she liked the idea.  We had talked about how the way I've approached projects in the past is limiting and can keep me from going above and beyond my current skill set, so I asked her what she would suggest I start doing in preparation for this new project.  Her idea was to start with a board game that maps out the architecture and path of the labyrinth in a way that grounds my approach before I start animating or writing.  I like the idea, and so I'm going to be working on that and some concept art as I'm wrapping up this dinosaur thing.  

In addition, I want to have more still images for my next critique, so I'm going to play around with some landscapes and technology work, things that I'm less familiar with then character design.  I'm still trying to branch out and away from my comfort zone.  This semester has largely been me taking the extra time this program allows me to really make something bigger then what I've made before, and I've been relying on my developed skill set to make that happen.  As I start transitioning into the next semester, I need to be mindful of what I'm doing, and what I could be doing differently.