Blog 12

I'm currently at another point of transition for my life in Cambridge.  Due to some particularly bad roommates and opportunities arising for better living conditions elsewhere, I've been devoting some of my time toward finding a new apartment this week.  Whether or not that goes through is still up in the air, but it is once again getting in the way of me being able to be as productive as I'd like.  

But I'm pressing onwards with my project.  I've started the process of lip syncing different characters and implementing the suggestions made by my professor during my last trip to her critique class.  The primary animation is done for everything but the background characters in a few shots.  Then I'll get into backgrounds and audio editing etc.  I still feel pretty good about being done with most of this by the beginning of December so I'll have more time then to dedicate toward smaller illustration projects and formatting my display space.  I'd like to include a few supplementary materials around the projector showing my video to better contextualize it for people when they walk by, as I found that was one of the more effective ways for time based media to be presented when I was visiting the MFA earlier in the semester.  

Besides that, I'll be visiting another critique class today to show my progress since last time and will continue to plow away at what remains.