Blog 11

The time has come for me to bunker down and start making some real strides with my project again.  As I mentioned last week, my output has been unfortunately low this past month.  While the meat of the character animation is done, there are still segments I still must finish and adjust so that I can move into the final stages of adding additional sound design and backgrounds.  My goal with this month is to finish the animation of the main characters and begin work on mapping out the backgrounds of each shot.  I'm planning to draw out the shape of the backgrounds in the flash document and then 'paint them' in on a sketchbook pro program with more detailed brush options before putting them back in the original project.  

Once that's been done I can export the whole thing (which will probably take the majority of a day) and put them into a video editing program so I can start putting in the sound effects as well as the audio tracks for the dialogue and music.  I'm close, and I've been burnt out this month, so now I need to push forward and make those last strides to complete this whole thing.

I visited my mentor's critique class again, and now that I had a more complete draft to show them, I got a lot more productive criticism, largely focused on making it clear where everything was taking place in relation to the two trees being focused on.  Also, the tree I'm currently using as the stage doesn't read well, so I'm going to hack it off, and leave only the raised stump for the debate stage.  That'll make it easier to see the cliff behind the debaters for when they're eventually knocked off it by the T-Rex.  

I'm off to spend the day filling things in and clearing things up.  I'll write again next week hopefully.