Blog 14

The animation process for my project is finished.  I'm done, it's over.  Now, my next step is assigning and creating sound effects to flesh out the environment of the video.  It will be a messy experimental process, but I'm close to being completely done with the video which is exciting and very satisfying.  

In terms of additional materials for my critique space, I haven't had as much time as I would have liked to create these.  I am planning to have a little picture book set aside to highlight the absurdity of this past year with out of context quotes from noted political figures recontextualized with silly cartoon characters.  I'd like to have a few additional still pieces to hang around the space including some concept art for my next project, but that's up in the air right now as the deadline is closing in.

As for my next project, I've had a change of heart regarding my labyrinth hydra idea.  I may return to that, but I was inspired when I was visiting the Murakami exhibit at the MFA to create a project that plays around with the format a little more.  My idea is a cartoon centered on a frog set in a hypothetical future world where everything is perfectly designed to give these frog people a theoretically 'perfect' life.  Everything is automated, everything fits into everything else, and all of their basic needs are met with relentless efficiency.  I'm going to show this by designing the world with a modern minimalist style where everything is composed of basic shapes of color that intertwine perfectly.  The story of the cartoon is the frog in some way faltering in his role as a citizen (I'm thinking the ground is laid out with perfect grooves for their feet to fit into and the frog slips, knocking over an endless row of identical frogs behind him).  He is determined mentally unwell due to his species' unfortunately imperfect design requiring additional stimulus outside of unrequited satisfaction in order to function properly, and is sentenced to a mandatory weeks vacation in the 'untamed' or something like that.  The untamed is exactly that, where not only is there no automation to provide for the frogs' every need, but the art style is much messier and unorganized.  Here the frogs shell of protection breaks and he has to fend for himself in a wild setting to reconnect with his natural roots before he can return home.  In the process he also sheds his minimalist simple shape design and reveals the haggard animal inside.  This segment would feature the frog having to learn to catch flies, flee from predators and eventually overcome the challenges of a world not designed for him to succeed, but one which he himself was designed to survive in.  The cartoon would end with him having grown accustomed to this free lifestyle only for him to be thrust back into his modern world of cleanliness and convenience.  Here, his new design would persist making the world built for him no longer fit.  I'm thinking it would end with him noticing other frogs with a similar problem of not fitting in anymore because they've been exposed to the real world.

There are a lot of themes that went into this idea, and I don't think I can fully express them here, but the overall idea is questioning how the design of convenience may be acting against our natural predispositions as animals evolved to survive in an un-sanitized world.  I'll have more to say about this as I move into next semester.  For now, I have some more recording and audio work to do.