Haha!  This is the first of many blog posts in which I will regularly be updating my current work and providing some samples of what I'm doing.  I'm starting this in accordance with the expectations of my MFA program at Lesley University, but also because it will probably help me focus on my work if I have more outlets relying on it.

As of now, I'm coming out of the MFA program with a few dozen ideas scrambling around in my head and a lot of other pressing priorities keeping me from focusing on them.  I'm currently looking for both a new job and a new apartment for next year as I just finished my work at City Year and am planning to live a little closer to campus so I can better utilize their facilities.  Once I've got a better handle on all that, I can really start pinning down my next projects

As for what I'm planning to work on, I have a few leading ideas:

1.  First, an idea I came up with during the residency was a cartoon about a T-Rex forcing smaller animals into debates they can't win so he has a reason to eat them.  Originally I was thinking it could play out as a debate with the audience uncomfortably accepting the fact that everyone is being eaten for no good reason.  Then I thought to redirect that as a sort of horrible holiday where the T-Rex gets to just challenge anyone he finds to a debate and then eats them when they don't provide a compelling counterpoint.  I'm thinking of using some conspiracy theory language with the T-Rex in part because I think it's funny to have a giant lumbering monster making wildly dumb claims, using linguistic sneakiness to make it sound like the only possible answer, and then just eat people because whatever, he's a dinosaur.  The other characters would be a lizard and chicken in hiding, desperately trying to cram for their inevitable standoff with the monster as he munches down on innocents around them.  As for the conclusion, I haven't fully decided on that, but I think I want them to realize that the only way to beat him is to let him contradict himself without saying a word in response until he already dug his own hole.  Then by accordance with the tradition the T-Rex has to let them eat him, slowly but surely.  I'll be writing out a script and scenario later on, but I'm feeling good about this as a sort of absurd high-energy dialogue-heavy project.

2.  Another thing I'd like to take a crack at is comic writing.  Specifically, I have an idea for a light-fantasy comic about an adventurous Skeleton and his more restrained friend infiltrating a tavern owned by an actual dragon and trying to pull off the heist of the century.  The dragon in question has the power to command the forces of justice and uses it to command civility and lawfulness within his establishment by cosmically obliterating anyone who steps out of line under his roof.  The thrust of the action would be inspired by the careless confidence of the skeleton as he insists on following through with the clearly not-at-all-thought-out plan, and the cautiousness of his friend (not yet determined) as they try to navigate a restaurant that has become a sort of neutral zone where people come to settle disputes knowing the ever watchful eye of the dragon will keep anyone from pulling any funny business.  

3.  A smaller project I'd like to work on is creating a small series of gifs.  I have a theme in mind of people responding to spills and accidents.  I got the idea during the residency when I spilled my can of Lemon tea on the table and how absurdly quickly everything happened as soon as people realized there was a mess.  There's something funny about how the mind and body kick into overdrive when we know we knocked something over.  I don't know exactly what that will look like yet, but I think I'll be working on them on and off throughout the semester as sort of a way of stepping away from larger projects to refresh myself while still making something.

4.  I have another larger video project in mind, but I doubt I would be able to get it done this semester.  The idea is actually one I've had for a while about a semi-cracked egg saving his fellow eggs from a baker trying to make a cake.  The premise is simple enough, a baker gets a call just as he's closing from a friend who reminds him he's supposed to make a cake for their friend's birthday.  The baker panics and rushes to pull ingredients from the fridge onto the counter for a last minute recipe, accidentally dropping an egg in the process.  The baker thinks nothing of it, but as we zoom on the egg, it starts to shake and suddenly arms, legs, and two eye holes pop out of the shell.  The egg sees what's going on on the counter above, and realizes he has to do something or the other eggs will be destroyed.  So, he makes his way up and around the counter, and sneakily uses the ingredients and supplies to snatch away the eggs before the baker gets a chance to use them.  The epic climax happens when the baker finally catches him and starts to chase him around the counter.  The focus I would have for this project would be on establishing the objects in the kitchen as compelling and involved pieces of the story, using the perspective of a tiny egg to turn a kitchen into a series of traps and looming threats.  Again, it's not something I'd likely be able to do in addition to everything else, but I'd like to start thinking about it so it might be a part of next semester's display.  


Those are the principal ideas I'm working off of right now,  so hopefully I'll be in a slightly more stable spot soon so I can really go full hog on these over the next few months.  Until next time, that's all.