Blog 2

Greetings screen and digital text, and perhaps human eyes beyond the ghost of the machine.  This is my second blog post for my MFA program in which I will be recounting the work I've been doing.

As of this week, I've written a script for my dinosaur cartoon, and have created some basic concept art to design the characters and scenario around.  The focus changed dramatically while I was watching some Abbott and Costello videos on youtube.  Since the theme of the original project was debate, I drew a connection to the quick-paced, frenetic, combative wordplay that those comedians were so well-known for, and I started writing the script with that value in mind.  I was very happy with the end result which focuses primarily on two smaller animals arguing over inane topics in preparation for an intimidating debate with a roaming T-Rex.  I shared it with my roommates and family, and got some pretty positive responses, which was extremely vindicating.  I will be going to the school tomorrow to do some recording, and hopefully complete the voice acting section of the project.  I'll then do some audio editing and maybe have a complete track that I can plug into Flash so I can start storyboarding inside the program.  All good stuff.

In addition, I've been working with my newly agreed mentor Dr. Baker on a research assistantship program in which we're unraveling the ins and outs of the latest version of blender and how the grease pencil tool can be used for various effects.  I'll be meeting with her again on Monday to go over some more Blender stuff, as well as go over the basics of what the mentorship position is going to mean for the both of us.  If we have time, I'd also like to go over my dinosaur cartoon with her and see what she thinks/any suggestions she'd have on my process.

Finally, I've been spending a lot of my free time these past few week playing the online illustration telephone game 'Drawception' which has been a great way for me to relax at the end of the day and step outside of my comfort zone in terms of what I'm drawing.  Because of the limited range of it's tools, it also encourages players to think about laying out the base colors before doing the line work, which is the opposite of my traditional approach, preferring to just use the paint bucket tool once I've drawn the outline.  Overall, it's been a positive exercise and I feel more confident in my flexibility as an artist as a result.  

I'll plan to do these regularly on Saturdays I guess, and that's all I have for now.