Good things come in threes.  This is my next blog post about my current MFA work.  This week I pinned down a part time job working in Cambridge and all but confirmed my housing for the next year.  As a result, I have more of a stable position to work from, and can really start investing time into my projects.  

I met with Catriona Baker this week and went over some of the mentorship information.  I also showed her some of my previous work and gave her a quick rundown of some of the work I want to do this semester.  She gave me some good advice out the gate regarding the way my characters move so that they feel more distinct as characters.  I took that into consideration this week as I spent a good amount of time storyboarding for the dinosaur cartoon and re-recording the dialogue to cut down on unnecessary segments and smooth out the exchange between the characters.  The video went from 8 minutes to less than 7 minutes, not counting a brief introduction that I will try to keep under 20 seconds.  That would bring the total time to about 7 minutes, which is one minute longer than the previous animation I had done for City Year this Spring.  This video will also involve a more dynamic back and forth between 2 characters, whereas the City Year video was focused on one character fighting against his own clothes.  So, overall, I know this is going to be a more time consuming process, but given the lax schedule of my new job and my better accessibility to the school as I'll be living in Cambridge this fall, I'm pretty confident that I'll be able to give it the time it needs.  

In addition, I spoke with Wen-Hao, a Group 2 student who is leading a seminar and larger project on asian cultures this fall.  She wants me to make a 30 second to a minute long animation highlighting light as a cultural artifact, and gave me a bunch of ideas for what I could be inspired by, including the short film Coda, as it uses light in a very dynamic way.  This would put extra pressure on me, as it would require additional time being spent on a different project, and the parameters are loose and undefined at the moment, but it's something I would definitely be interested in, especially since it would be a paying gig, in addition to another piece of my portfolio.  I think as I'm moving from storyboarding to animating the dinosaur debate project, I'll also begin working on this light video and cementing what it's going to look like.  As of now, however, I'm still thinking of what it may end up looking like.  My initial impression is that is could be a short video of a young woman and a rabbit (done in a sort of sillhouette design) walking into frame, when a burst of light manifests in the sky.  It takes many forms representative of different traditions within asian culture and with unique personalities, and then shoots into the rabbit, turning it into a handheld lamp of sorts.  I'm still thinking of different ideas, but that might be what I go forward with.  

That's all for now.