Blog 4

Another week has passed and I have new things to report.  I met this week with Dr. Baker in regards to both the research assistantship program and my current video project.  She gave me suggestions on cutting down the video length to better optimize the time needed to complete the project.  So that's what I've been doing.  I've gone back to my original script and started cutting out jokes and bits that didn't warrant as much of a response.  In addition, I segmented the script by the prevailing jokes or themes being carried through each part and started to clear up lines to shorten it up as best I can.  I also wrote an alternative ending to the short in which the chicken outwits the dinosaur with the same non-logic he uses with the lizard.  

In addition to that, most of this week has been spent training for a new job I'm getting at a local cafe, finalizing my paperwork for my new apartment, and flying out to Illinois to celebrate my Grandpa's 90th birthday.  Now that I'm back in town and will start settling into a more regular weekly schedule, I hope to start following a pattern of consistent work every day on my current project in addition to some more things coming down the pipeline.  This week I'll try to finalize the updated script and re-record it so I can start actually animating everything.