Blog 7

Here is the blog of the week.  I got a lot of good work done this week in regards to my main project.  I drafted a storyboard, had to redraw it due to technical issues, put it into flash and started animating segments of the chicken character.  I was able to get a lot of sequences drafted out and it's looking pretty good.  I have a good idea of what the project is going to look like at this point and now it's just a matter of doing the work and drawing the characters.  My weekly schedule is being changed to better match my time commitment to the project, so I'm planning to spend three days each week coming into the school and working on my stuff, three days working at the cafe, and 1 day doing something unrelated to recharge.   I've been meeting regularly with Dr. Baker and will plan to come in after work on Thursdays to help her out with her class as well as go over my own progress with her.  I'll be meeting with her critique class on Monday to see what her senior students think of my work right now.

In addition, I had an idea for an additional project which is a little more display-friendly.  The idea was an extended gif (like 10 minutes) labeled as a test of patience in which the viewer can pop by at any time and watch for however long they think it will last.  The time code for the video would be obscured and it would be designed to give off the appearance that it's just a simple gif.  However, the more time that's spent in front of the display, the more likely you are to notice something new, some new expression or movement that shows the video hasn't looped yet.  It would be a simple project to make as it would only require a series of simple animations strung together by long periods of repetition and reused motions.  I'm going to bring it up with my professor the next time I see her and we'll see if this becomes a larger project I pursue on top of the dinosaur cartoon.

I'm feeling good about my work right now, and I think the direction I took this semester is paying off.  My goal is to have this stuff done by January so that next semester I can explore new mediums of animation and expand my horizons farther.