Blog 8

Another Week has come and gone and I'm continuing to make progress on my dinosaur cartoon.

Last Monday I presented my work to my professor's senior critique class to get their input on where it was and what I could do to improve it.  I appreciated getting the chance to hear from other people what they thought of it thus far, but the process also reminded me how much criticism is in and of itself a skill.  Some of the comments were a little more self-serving then constructive, and in the end I didn't have too much solid input outside of my Dr. Baker who was also just using this as a chance to give me some more suggestions.  

As a result I went back and rerecorded a few more little bits and replaced a few gags in the audio, then went back and adjusted the animation to match.  I need to storyboard the new segments, but I was able to get more base animation done on parts that are already pinned down.  The process is coming along well, and I think I'll have it done with plenty of time to spare for the residency.  My next step is to decide what other projects I'll be working on.  I like the idea of the extended gif that challenges the audience's engagement to find out where it truly loops and just some more gif work in general to work on my ability to convey expressive and dynamic motion.  Part of what's been so great about my current project has been that it's challenging me to think about all different kinds of movement and I'm getting better at predicting how many frames I need to get the motion I'm looking for.  Making a series of brief gifs would be a great way to exercise that muscle and really start nailing the details where they count.