Blog 9

Here we are again.  This week I've done more work animating isolated sequences in the cartoon.  I've also shown my professor my updated draft and recorded a version of the video to share with friends and family so I can get a little feedback.  She's largely in favor of the changes I've made and gave me a few notes to take into account for next week, mostly focusing on framing the stage of the scene better so that when the tree and candidates are knocked off the cliff it makes more sense.  

Other feedback has been largely positive right now and I'm feeling good about the direction I'm going in.  One of the things my professor said to me was that the project has seemed a little restrictive for me given how script heavy the design process has been.  I've been feeling the same way, and while I am happy with it right now, I think it is going to be beneficial for my next projects to be a little more open-ended so I can focus on the elements of design I'm really interested in developing.  I've been going to some museums to prepare for my 3rd paper of the semester as well as inspire some new ideas, and I wrote down a few yesterday which I think will give me some fun stuff to do once I've finished this dinosaur deal.  Things seems to be going well, so that's all for now.