Blog 6

Hm...  I missed the last couple weeks, so I have a lot to update in this blog.

First, regarding my commission piece on light, I finally heard back from the recipient, but I don't have much I can do moving forward until I get more feedback from them.  I've made some adjustments to the aesthetics and formatting based on suggestions from my mentor, but everything else is currently waiting in the wings until I hear anything more.

Next regarding my larger piece, the dinosaur debate cartoon is moving forward at full force.  I've rewritten and rerecorded the script over a half dozen times now, but the last version I made a week ago felt right and my mentor approved me going forward with it.  The focus is now on Chicken and Lizard as rival campaign managers trying to make their inept candidates look good on stage while undermining the efforts of the other.  It ends with the always present T-Rex growing tired of the senseless bickering and taking his own stance as ruler of the roost.  The cartoon is about 5 and a half minutes long, but the action is constantly moving forward and I think it's just the right length for what it needs to be.  I've done the recordings, and paired it with a score.  I drafted a storyboard and am now in the process of integrating it into the animation software so I can start the real fun; drawing the same thing over and over for hours on end.  I'm relieved to be taking the next step, finally.  The writing and rewriting has been tough, and I know that what I'm working with now is leagues better then what I had a month ago.  My next steps are designing a consistent work schedule and giving myself effective deadlines so that I don't lose my momentum and have the project finished by January.

The tone of this cartoon is much snappier and relaxed about the underlying message.  It's obviously about political elections and the shallow emptiness of the debate setting, but it's framed around frantic decision making and desperate pandering in a way that addresses the problem without ruminating on it.  There's more room for the audience to assign blame or decide who's who when addressing the political spectrum in relation to the characters onscreen.  And I feel confident I can make the antics amusing to keep people engaged while the underlying message makes its way in subconsciously.  

Overall, I'm really happy with what I have right now, and I'm excited to keep moving forward with it.