Semester 2 Blog 15

I have entered my second of four semesters at Lesley University.  The residency where my work was shown and critiqued went well, and while I still have work to do with the audio, I'm happy with my previous project for what it is.

As I begin this new semester, I'm beginning with a new direction.  I will not be attempting to create a full cartoon every semester as I had previously planned.  Rather, I will be taking the next three semesters to put together one larger cartoon, taking none of the shortcuts I exploited last semester, and creating smaller pieces on the side to keep my work from getting bogged down and tedious as I put extra effort into the one project.

I will be doing my best to keep the blog a regular weekly thing with more updates surrounding smaller projects rather than going on and on about the same thing over and over again.

As for what my large project is going to be, I'm now coming up with the basic premise of the cartoon in which a paradise made for frogs leads one of its inhabitants into the bowels of ennui where he tries to escape the structure of his life and finds himself lost in the wild.  The cartoon will focus on themes of comfort and enthusiasm, and I'll be playing around with different styles to represent the different modes of life the frog goes through.  I'm focusing more on research and preproduction than I did for my dinosaur cartoon, and I'm hoping that will result in an overall more fleshed out final product.  I'm also focusing on less dialogue based storytelling and allowing most of the cartoon to be told through the actions of the main character, and not a back and forth script.  

My goal right now is to give myself the time and resources necessary to create something more professional than what I've made previously.  I have the time now to really dig into what I'm capable of, and work toward what I'm not capable of.  Having smaller projects (which may include short videos, gifs, illustrations etc.) as a regular focus will allow me to still crank things out and satisfy my desire to have a tangible example of my work.  I'll be posting to the site as well as my twitter and instagram as I'll be making more attempts to put my work out there for people to see.

Now is the time for me to start thinking about my professional future with my degree and portfolio, so I'm going to be taking this all more seriously.  I'm excited for what this new approach will offer me, and I'm ready to get back to work.