Blog 28

The past few weeks I’ve spent developing and storyboarding my current large scale project. My first storyboard was approximately 360 images telling two stories that intersect and center around the themes of control and enthusiasm.

The first story is a dream where a ‘hero’ character repeatedly takes down a ‘monster’ as said monster gets smaller and weaker with each defeat. The hero’s methods would start off as cartoonishly over the top and become more visceral and violent over time eventually leading one to question the legitimacy of his moral high-ground.

The second story is a nurse looking over the massive comatose body of said hero and trying to input commands that can control his movements. The body begins acting on its own and starts to cause a lot of collateral damage and only stops at the last moment when the nurse gives an impassioned plea knowing full well he probably can’t hear her.

I showed the storyboard to my mentor who made some suggestions and criticisms which got me thinking about making another draft which is what I’ve been doing this week. Taking the same basic premise, I’m trying to shear off any unnecessary beats, make the characters more dynamic and interesting, and provide a better sense of scenery that can pull the two stories together better.