Blog 29

These last two weeks have been spent reworking the framework of my story and the layout of the storyboard. After talking with my mentor over email, I had a better idea of not only what did or didn’t work, but what elements I wanted to stick with and what was unnecessary. The new version follows the same beats and story, but the location and way beats played out were changed to better capture what I wanted to convey. The main theme is still the contrast between energetic enthusiasm and the stifling necessity of self-control.

In addition, I animated the first 30 seconds of the story as a way to shake some ideas around. Spending most of the last month on storyboarding was exhausting, and I’m trying to give myself more ways to be working on the project without getting burnt out on one step taking over my life for a while.

On the side, I’ve been participating in the social media phenomenon known as inktober, which has been a good excuse to draw stuff completely unrelated to my current project.