Blog 21

This week was good in terms of brainstorming for my larger project.  After spending the last week just making little gifs and things, I feel like I flushed the toxins out of my brain space enough for me to review the pieces I had put in place for the frog cartoon.  One of the things my mentor told me during our last meeting was to focus on making it a personal story, something that is more derivative of who I am rather than what I like.  That got me thinking of a number of different small stories from my life.  I tried to think of one that would be the best suited to tell with the elements I had spent this whole semester circling around.  What I've decided on at this point is a story about self-imposed social isolationism and how that relates to expressions of comfort and enthusiasm as told by frogs.  

I wrote an outline, a thesis, an analysis of the outline and a shot by shot cinematography draft (I don't know what the term for that would be) going over what each shot would look like and show.  The story is about a frog learning to take a chance doing something he doesn't want to do in order to start taking steps toward a larger goal of reintegrating himself into society.  I've thought since drafting all that up of incorporating an additional theme of uncontrollable and unjustified rage, but I'm not sure if that would make the story and arc of the character too bloated, so I'm still playing around some ideas.

I'm going to be sending a summary of this story alongside a compilation of all the smaller videos I worked on this month to my mentor in the next few days for our final conversation before the semester is over.

As far as how I'm feeling about this semester, I'm feeling mixed about it.  On the one hand, I think my mentor's regular suggestions and prompts have gotten me to think about the act of creation in completely new ways and I think that will ultimately really benefit me as I move forward.  On the other hand, I had a lot of goals this semester which I can't say I lived up to.  I wanted to have a complete script and storyboard ready to spring off from by the end of this semester, and instead I'm still hammering away at the premise.  I think the additional time I've spent developing ideas is going to improve the final product, but I also want to be sure I'm using my time in this program well.  If I don't then I'm just wasting time and money even bothering with it.  My next semester will be all about getting the bulk of the work done on my final project while doing smaller projects on the side here and there.  I'm predicting my final semester will be spent on cleanup and pinning down the things necessary to elevate the project even farther while also trying to network and find opportunities for when the program is over.  It's all pretty daunting but I keep finding it so much more approachable when I'm actually working on something.  Animating has become something I have confidence in, whereas when I started the program it was something I just wanted to pursue.  The best lessons I've gotten have come from just making things on a whim and showing them to people to see what they have to say.  While I've spent most of this semester just doing rough animations and tossing them aside, I think that's been deeply beneficial to getting me in the mindset of creative output.