Blog 19

April 14-19

My drawing tablet stopped working as soon as I sat down to start getting work done.  I spent the week working on some basics of water color painting.  I've never had any real experience with the more delicate analog art of coloring so it was a good experience for me, but it also reminded me how far back I am on stuff like that.

I also spent some time trying to clear up the story for the frog cartoon.  As it stands, the story is revolving around the idea of Virtual Reality serving as a representation of what people find value in both in and away from their own personal reality.

April 20-26

Part way through this week I got my new tablet and was able to start working on animation again.  I also came up with an idea for a smaller piece that I may be able to be finish before the next residency, but I'm not sure.  The idea is that hair acts as a reflection of your inner thoughts.  It's a 2 and a half minute short where a guy goes to work and has a bad day but takes the brunt of it without complaining.  Meanwhile his hair is freaking out and making a big scene wherever he goes because it's constantly being ignored.  The climax is when the guy gets pushed too far and freaks out on his own terms which leads to him eventually coming back home and relaxing, his hair finally showing a sign of inner peace.  I'm not as interested in spending a lot of time going over premises like last time, so instead I edited together some music, wrote out the basics of the story and now I'm just going for it, starting a rough animation draft to get the basic beats and actions mapped out so I can go back in and animate over it all if I get the go ahead from my mentor next week.  Besides that, not a lot else to mention. 

April 27-May 3

Continued working on the hair cartoon while ironing out characters and beats from the frog cartoon.  This is a good system, one I wish I was doing more of throughout the semester.  It gives me a chance to just go ahead and make something while also still taking my time with my eventual final project.  It's been a more productive week as a result, and I'm meeting with my mentor tomorrow to talk about what to do for the last month of this semester.  That's all for now.