Semester 3 Blog 22

Another residency has come and gone, and so another semester begins.

Coming out of the residency, I spent the last week jotting down ideas and getting back into the flow of things at work.  I have a good list of prospective projects however.  After presenting my work and listening to all kinds of critiques and assessments, I realized pretty quickly that I should stop trying to make a long plot-driven cartoon while I'm still working on my own and trying to balance work and personal projects.  So rather than continue to bog down my creative juices with another plan for another extended character study of a frog, I'm going to stick to making short digestible cartoons that are between 45 seconds and a minute and a half.  

I'm currently have 4 ideas for shorts which I'll tackle one at a time.  The project I'm planning to start working on first is a short where a monkey paints a forest fire, and then submits it to local galleries.  I already mapped out a draft of a shot composition sheet, and I have a good idea in my head as to what I want it to look like.  It's a one gag short where the majority of the cartoon is spent following the monkey on this path toward recognition, and then when they're finally invited to speak about their work at a museum all they can say is "FIRE!" before the whole place goes up in flames.  

In addition, I have a plan to further explore nonconventional storytelling alongside these otherwise pretty approachable narratives.  After showing my rough animations from the past semester at the residency, I had a fair amount of people interested in that uncut unfinished aesthetic.  What I think I might do is take the rough animation I use to start the process, isolate it in its own file, and then play around with it to create a new narrative, something separate from the finished product version that I will be working on.  Whether or not I go forward with that is going to depend on how it goes for this first short.

I'm going to be heading in to school tomorrow to begin drafting out some roughs and boards.  Hopefully by next week I'll be able to start some good old fashioned animating!