Blog 23

This was a decent week getting back into the swing of things.  I spent some time on my first cartoon and got a half minute of rough animation done.  I also spent some time developing some of the finer details and designs for a card game I'm working on.  The premise comes from Commedia Dell'Arte theatre.  Actors would play the same stock characters and perform scenes where they knew what needed to happen but had the freedom to improvise individual story beats.  I had the thought around a year ago that those clear but flexible parameters set for the actors could make for an interesting game, but I set it aside for the time.  A month before the residency I started thinking about it again and realized I could format it around a card game.  Players would use cards that describe an action their character would perform on stage which would either give them or the other player 'spotlight points,' with the idea being that whoever has the most spotlight points stole the show and would 'win' the scene.  On the other hand, if the disparity in points is too large, the scene would be uneven and so everyone would lose.  The resulting cooperative competition is to earn more points while still supporting your teammates so the scene holds together.  

As it stands now, I have the premise laid out, potential character designs with descriptions detailing how they play and a set of usable card designs with their point values and potential secondary effects.  My hope is to have a rough draft of the game ready by the 20th when I'll be visiting family for a week so that I can playtest what I have now with them.  My next steps will be adding more art to the cards and writing out a list of scenarios that would determine what a game would revolve around in terms of its story significance.  I'm feeling good about the ideas I'm working with and this might turn into a potential opportunity for me if everything pans out.

I contacted my potential mentor over email, and she seems willing to move forward with that position.  I'll be meeting with her next week.