Blog 25

This week I worked more on fleshing out new rules and a new structure for the card game I'm trying to develop and pinned down some details for two of the three videos I'm working on.  

I also talked with another professor who was interested in serving as my mentor, and while he still won't be back in Cambridge for a couple weeks I'm going to try and get everything sorted out for that as soon as possible.  

Unfortunately, as I was transferring files and programs to my new computer, a good amount of work from this summer was completely lost.  This included rough animations and storyboards that I had been spending time on as well as some documents where I mapped out the direction of the shorts.  

Beyond that, this has been just another week of trying to find time to work on preproduction and design before I commit myself to full animation.  This has been another slow start to a semester, but I'm feeling much better about the angle I'm currently taking, and I hope to have more information on my progress soon.