Blog 26

These past two weeks after speaking with my new mentor for the first time were spent pinning down my premise and approach for one cartoon that I will be pursuing moving forward.  This cartoon will be based on the Virtual Reality premise I was exploring this summer.  To summarize my thoughts on it right now, a physically imposing man is hospitalized and being watched over by a nurse while he is in an unconscious state.  Around him is an unidentified mechanical device that is tracking the slight movements across his body.  Inside his mind, a younger version of himself is taking on manifestations of his life obstacles with fluid and dynamic acrobatics and otherworldly strength.  This affects his physical body where he begins thrashing in his sleep, inadvertently causing mass destruction due to the heft of his form.  The nurse has to manage his directionless rampage as his dream devolves into emotional conflicts he chose to run from rather than confront.  

After talking with my mentor he gave me some advice on how I should be prioritizing a single project right now and ways of making the idea of a physical restriction contrasting with virtual freedom more interesting.  He offhandedly suggested the sleeping man be a superhero inadvertently taking out villains while he slumbers, and while that idea didn't really interest me, it did get me thinking about the implication of form regarding involuntary movements which led me to make the sleeping man a muscular giant.  

As far as how this will impact the direction of the animation work, my thought is that the dream sequences will allow me to exercise dynamic and intense motion and framing while the scenes in the hospital will focus on more subtle expressive animation for the nurse and the sleeping man.  

Still haven't had much chance to really dig into the animation as I've spent these two weeks deciding on the angle and details, but now that I've got a starting point, I'm beginning to explore how the characters move so I can start framing sequences around that.  I'm excited, and wish that I had started working on this project earlier in the semester.  It's tough having a break due to technical and personal reasons and then coming back to work on stuff, especially since the previous semester was focused on making roughs and pitching ideas, now I just want to start making stuff again.