Blog 24

After a series of unfortunate events that could only be described as 'tragically zany' my computer stopped working and I was unable to get any substantive work done not long after my previous blog post.  I love terrible things happening.

Anyway, in addition to a scheduled vacation I just got off of, I've spent the time in between working primarily on the card game and directing my path for the semester.  My new computer just came in finally, and after realizing I needed to repurchase certain programs I was using, I'm back in the business of making some digital art.  I met with the professor I was hoping might serve as my mentor but we didn't reach a conclusion on whether or not she'd be right to serve that role for me, so I'm planning to ask around a few more professors from Lesley's animation department to get a better grasp of who I should be working with.

Besides designing a rough draft for the cards and ruleset, I had a chance to put my game to the task of playtesting with some friends and family.  I got some good feedback and will definitely continue exploring the game as I continue this semester.  

As for my plan for this semester, I'm focusing in on the theme of artificial intelligence/the separation of humanity from the human body.  This has been present in my ideas for this program, as well as my previous degree in psychology and I have a good idea of how I'll adjust my preexisting path to better tie into this plan. 

Three short videos exploring enthusiasm, comfort and the artificial mind. 

The first is a moving parts machine animation where a flat world is designed with human comfort in mind, every stick and stone positioned to optimize an unopposed experience of blissful relaxation.  

The second is a study of imagined motion versus real life mobility with a character using virtual reality to relive a physical life he's all but lost.

The third is an exploration in the mechanization of human emotion, with a robot serving as a test subject for humor and enthusiasm.  

Each video comes from the well of ideas I've been sifting through this year, and by taking away the larger narratives and unproductive details, I'm able to hone in on the ideas that I've really gravitated towards.  I'd still like to do more shorts and gifs that may or may not relate to this work specifically, but my MFA focus will be on getting these projects off the ground and moving so that I can be at or near completion with them by the semester's end and spend the final semester focusing on my thesis paper.  

Being away from my computer has left me restless and after my old version of Flash refused to follow me to my new computer, I'm ready to put my newly downloaded collection of Adobe programs to good use.